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Its pouring

So this week included an infestation of lice that is still on going; falling for a fraudulent check western union scam; and having three months of gaming work crushed. Hoping to avoid getting arrested for cashing a bad check and becoming bug free. Nothing I can do about the gaming character crush. Finally I had to say goodbye for the next few months to all creative projects. Good god I am depressed. What a sucky week and it's not even over.

Concert & recycling

Currently at heart & joan jett concert. Too many people, but music is good. I probably dont get out enough. Lol.

Yesterday I put out 53 bags of recycling & one bag of composting. Whew garage is cleaned.

Change is a harsh mistress

Its not like I didn't know this was coming, but knowing and experiencing are entirely different matters. I am not even terribly surprised. But I am horribly sad. April will be my last month employed

Top 10 ways to avoid confrontation

This was something that came to me while working my way through Elena Undone. lol.

10. Avoid eye contact
9. Keep all accusatory statements to the following structure “I feel …
8. Gain sensory deprivation
7. Induce amnesia
6. Smile, nod and back away slowly. Repeat as needed
5. Kill them with kindness
4. Create a diversion or have minions provide a distraction
3. Get them snogging
2. Traverse dimensions
1. Make yourself ‘unavailable’

*Apologize profusely and offer puppy eyes is an acceptable substitution for any of the above

Now this is funny

My Drunk Kitchen - warning there is swearing so put your ear buds in!


Baking, Meatballs, and tacos are all verified as worth watching.


who knew people were souless

So two days ago I found out Adele was playing at 1st Ave here. The venue is meh, but I thought well that would be fun. Brownie gave thumbs up and co-worker agreed to cover if needed. Lovely! All the ducks in a row.

Except tickets originally sold for $32 - That's right. Remember this number so that when you see how much I found them on Craig's list and through the online dealers you can be as equally appalled and perhaps disgusted as I am. My only thought after all this was , who the hell is actually going to this show?

Online Dealer - $578 a piece
Local Sharks - $500 a ticket
Locals Scamming other locals or who can't go(lying to scam really) - $350 to $800 a ticket
People offering to buy tickets - 20 to 200 a ticket

That's right people. You read correctly. No wonder artists have so much trouble making money doing tours. No one can afford to go. Come to think of it, none of the concerts I have attended in the last couple of years have even come close to filling the venue. In a state of poverty, who do people take from - themselves of course. Capitalism at its finest. Even if I had the money, I am certain I would not pay these prices.

On a different note I did send an email to one person selling tickets in exchange for souls. That seemed the most cost effective request out there. Here is the link to that ad. Its at least original.



just got a new icon/avatar compliments of VW on FB. muy delicioso!

i am so defunct

better late than never? Maybe. lol

Midnight Hunt by LL Raand - I read the book twice in less than a week. That should say it all. But for those less inclined to know I hate reading anything more than once, it was fantastic. Yes the anatomy was messed with, but they aren't human so who cares. Plus a decent dose of vampire hotness thrown in, what's not to love. Best part about this book was at no point was I completely confounded as to the reasons why characters did what they did. I can hardly wait until the second one to this series is released in mid-March. Yummy!

Sword of the Guardian by Merry Shannon - This was a solid story with excellent and realistic characters. I have read her other book Branded Ann as well. Both are good. My only complaint was the front cover. The marketing person needs a good smack or maybe whoever scanned in the image. The colors and details translated poorly. I am a person who judges books by their covers so yes, this was irritating and a turn off. The image quality sucked. But the book's contents were awesome and fun to read. Sorry, I know the author knows the artist. I am willing to bet this was a publishing screw up and give the artist the benefit of the doubt. There are major character deaths, but nothing in vain. Follows the sacrifices must be made rules I guess. The magical goddess powers were pretty nifty as well. My favorite parts were the acrobatics. Looking forward to more from this author.

The Gilda Stories by Jewelle Gomez - I found this one a bit of a challenge to read, but not because it was awful or boring, but due to the intensity level. I would read a time frame and take a break in between. I enjoyed all the cultural challenges the author addresses throughout the different time periods. The details to set the tone and scene were well done and transported me easily. Best of all, I didn't feel like I had messages crammed down my throat. A wide variety of characters makes this an intriguing read as well. Totally recommended. A different take on vampires that I enjoyed with its subtlety.

Stay by Nicola Griffith - Featuring Aud, a character I can relate to. Throw in some well written emotional drama, a mystery, and a gritty hero to get a very intense story. I liked this book much better than her sci-fi one. The author sticks in all these little twists and makes the main hero fallible in an unexpected but very realistic way. Lots of little stories with in the story, so that you feel like you may have peeled an orange when you are done. A blood orange to be sure. Not for the faint of heart, the story in several places reaches out and gives the reader a sharp shake.

Always by Nicola Griffith - Another Aud story. Similar in flavor with some definite gristle to chew on as you go. I would say this story more resembles a grape fruit as you peel along since some of the parts are not lacking a stinging sharpness. Another mystery with multiple layers, though at a few points I wanted to smack Aud for missing the obvious. Lots of action and no lack of twists. Worth reading for sure.

I have more but I don't like doing super long posts. Laziness maybe?


crazy dwp idea

well i was watching the incredibles last night before work. i love this movie. i have watched it lots of times. in my attempt to relax before going to work, i was a bit intensely focused and tuned in, instead of mentally wondering about life and how to deal with a multitude of challenges. long story short i had a lightning bolt of an idea for a dwp story during the scenes with Edna. What if Andy was a super hero in hiding from a family of super heroes who had been relocated to Cleveland? What if Andy knew Edna the famous designer from childhood? Throw in a job at a fashion magazine and a dash of Miranda mixed with some comedy of super hero hiding. This makes me smile just thinking about it. I just wanted to get this down before i forgot. maybe if I can ever finish the silly Halloween story...maybe Doug and Lily are from super hero families too? wouldn't they have to be to have been child hood friends? Nate - no, not so much. lol. only thing missing is a good villian. need to come up with one...i will take suggestions. Ideas anyone?

on a different yet similar note: the commas may kill me though.


So some reviews:

Black Swan - Intense, voracious, visceral, and wickedly awesome are all words I would use to describe this movie. Being a minor athlete I can empathize with some of this seeking, but whoah! Totally worth my time and want to watch it again so I can catch all the bits I closed my eyes for. Oh and this is not for kids. Seriously.

The Sea Hawk by Brenda Adcock was a privateer take on sailing the seas, but I found the ending rushed and bizarre. The main character also does a few things which are seemingly unconnected with the rest. Overall the story is decent and the privateer character solid, but this one wasn't nearly as much fun to read as some of the other pirate books out there.

Branded Ann by Merry Shannon was a fantastic read. The characters are solid from start to finish with excellent attention to detail. I found the whole realistic approach done keenly. I usually prefer the fantasy stories to remain that way, but this one managed both without any sort of clumsy or WTF moments. I am planning on reading more of her work for sure.

Now to stray from the pirates...

Dark Angels by Pam Keesey was another wonderful collection of short stories. Though by far my favourite that I have read, mostly due to only one of them really giving my mind a severe bent in the process. Worth checking out as its a quick but intense read.


holiday fun?

My last couple of weeks included some much needed time off and...

Roof leaks - Ice dams nearly breaking off my roof

My best friend ever visiting with her daughter and our children having fun together. thank god because that would have been a nightmare if they hadnt clicked. whew!

Eating lots of food. Chipotle, chocolate, cookies, khans, pizza, chili, coffee, etc

Lots of driving...who knew this state had a town named cloquet? not me until last week.

climbing up in the air 4 stories on a mock up of a pirate ship. (might i mention heights terrify me...so this was a special adrenaline rush. lol) riding some roller coasters. riding a zebra in a carousel. admiring the fantastical abilities of the jellyfish (might be my new inspiration/mascot)

oh and sleeping a lot! plus i broke my internet and generally failed to resolve any of the strange technical issues plaguing me at home. may have made more in fact. lol.

i read some books too, but i will post those separate in a review post.


Another one finished

Landing by Emma Donoghue was lots of fun to read. the two main characters and supporting cast are very quirky and palatable. I felt like I was observing real people who could exist. I was tempted to torch the book near the end, but then the whole thing worked out. Whew. Especially since I wasn't interested in explaining to the library why I was unable to return the book.

Different note. I made progress editing a story. lol. maybe I can finish by the end of the year?


lines that make me laugh

Well finished 2 more books despite my awful sinus pains. Hah! Take that!

Ammonite by Nicola Griffith was a standard sci-fi affair with a planet full of women, a virus, and some communing with the spirits stuff. It was a decent first novel. I liked the attention to details with the environment, but some of the character developments were a bit rough.

Now for the book I can't possibly say enough about. Its not classy, or even in-depth but it has pirates and some of the lines had me laughing so hard I had to stop reading. In fact I want to share just three of my favorites. This author has a way with wit!

...Assure me you're as unsullied as the first days of spring." "Would you settle for some time in midsummer? Perhaps July or August"..."I'll cut out the mongrel's heart and eat it!" "June. I meant more like June."

"By the wounds of Christ. It's a wonder you have time to sail this bloody ship, as much as you're busy rubbin' up on everyone. Is there anyone on board you haven't ruined?" "I haven't ruined anyone but your daughter...Wait a moment. Allow me to rephrase that."

"It seems there's some fuckery afoot here."

The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin by Colette Moody